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An Academy for leaders and entrepreneurs prepared to create thriving businesses in the new, Connection Economy. Lightmerger is a bold perspective driven by actionable strategies. Experience our 360 degree Academy:

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Register for the Lightmerger Business Academy to ignite your
Texas Small Business.

  • Foundational E-Course Step by step instructions for setting up essential business tools.
    Set up the exact tools you need to thrive in the Connection Economy. Learn the Fundamentals before our hands on Live Event. On November 23, you’ll be ready for more advanced strategies to take your business to the next level.
  • Live Business Academy Conference Discover how small shifts, lead to BIG results.
    An utterly unique participatory experience designed to create massive momentum for your business. The Live Event will be part connecting with other like-minded business owners, part mastermind strategy workshop, and wholly awesome!
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions Individualized attention to ignite your Action Plan.
    Take the momentum you gained in the Live Event and bring it to the 1 on 1 consultation with us. You can tap into our insights about your business, and ensure you have a crystal clear plan.

Gain Access to all 3 for a one time Entrance price of $200

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